Sunday, May 13, 2012

Latest Addition-Ruger10/22 TD

I was at Academy with the family today and ran off to the gun department as usual. I asked if they had the Ruger 20/22 TD in stock. The guy went to the cage and pulled one of five down to show me.
It comes in a padded backpack in two pieces. Just slide the barrel into the receiver and twist and voila, you have a complete rifle. Pop in a 10 or 25 round magazine and it's ready to shoot. I added a Burris Fastfire that wasn't making the grade on my AR and I'm ready to hit the range this week.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lucky Guy

Mrs. 2Tall is in Cancun with a group of friends. She sent this to
a) Make me jealous
b) Make me miss her
c) All of the above

Mission Accomplished

Truer Words Part Deux

Rockinaseaofchaos sent this to me and it resonated with me big time.