Friday, November 19, 2010

Farewell, My Friend. I'll Tip One for You

It is a sad week around my place, as we had to say goodbye to our dear Shepherd/Chow mix Bingo. He was a playmate, friend and protector for 16 years. He watched over my wife when she was pregnant with both Angels and kept a keen eye on them until the end. When he was younger, we used to sit at the bar at the Gingerman in Austin and watch basketball together; him sitting in my lap and both of us enjoying some Anchor Porter. One night, my wife and I were sitting in a booth at the G-Man with Bingo and a Dallas-type young lady (you know what I mean) walked up and called Bingo "Sugar Biscuit". I thought my wife was going to go over the table for that one (I don't recall her having that kind of reaction for anyone flirting with me).

He will be missed.