Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Need Upgrade

So, Rock in a Sea of Chaos and I went to Red's last week for a little end of the year shooting entertainment. I figured that after the success with sighting in the scoped Marlin .44 mag, I'd do the same with the WASR.
It was not to be... :(
Could not get any rounds below the 9-3 line at any distance. Cranked the elevation down 20 clicks at 100 yards but the POI would not drop. Although it is likely a scope issue, it has disappointed me to the point where I am considering using the WASR as *gasp* trade bait. I really want a 7.62 NATO (.308) rifle and I could apply the trade and some cash to secure it. I've looked at converted Saigas and CETME's but narrowed the search down to the DPMS Sportical. It gives the modularity and flexibility that I want without having to learn how to gunsmith. Also, the cost of acquisition is tolerable and might leave enough for a decent optic.