Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cue Angelic Choir...

Rockinaseaofchaos and I went to pick up MY SR1911 today. We took it to Red's and put a quick 50 rounds through it. It ran like a champ; not a single FTF or FTE. I'm really going to like this.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Oh Yes...It Will Be Mine

So, Rockinaseaofchaos suggested that I call McBride's again on Friday, as we approach the 2 month mark since putting a deposit down on the Ruger SR1911. I had even stopped carrying around the deposit receipt every day because it just made me sigh as I took it out of my pocket every night; like a love note from a secret admirer.
The first time I called, Butch, the buyer was on another line and I was asked to call back later (no hold button, I guess). When I called back, I got cut off waiting for Butch to pick up. Grrrrr. The third time I got him on the line. He put me on hold, and came back in a minute with the news I didn't think I'd hear until Christmas. "It just came in. We tried to call you but the number was wrong." He read my correct cell number back to me so I chalked it up to an ID10T error. I told him I'd be by later to pick it up.
Those of you that have followed me know that due to circumstances as yet unexplained, I get delayed EVERY STINKIN' TIME I try to buy a firearm. I have purchased several rifles and been delayed on every one except for a FtF purchase from a friend.
Never denied, always delayed.
This time was no different...I can pick it up on Thursday morning.
I see a long lunch in my future...