Friday, January 18, 2013

Not Just a Coincidence...

I picked up on two consecutuve stories on Weasel Zippers today that just MIGHT be related...
The first story talks about how the Obama campaign aparatus is being retooled to be a non-profit anti-gun advocacy group to support the president’s legislative agenda.

The other refers to how there is language in Obama's gun control directives that removes the 1995 ban on Federal funds being used to advocate or promote gun control.
Per WZ, "Under the terms of the memo, CDC may “sponsor” another entity to conduct the research, which is a handy way of funneling taxpayer cash to sympathetic gun-control groups."

Could one of those sponsored entities be a certain "non-profit group to support the president’s legislative agenda."?

Looks like Jim Messina and Stephanie Cutter will have jobs after all.

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